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Categories of Water Damage

Water damages are caused due to infinite reasons and can originate from different sources. It is, however, vital to note that as per Insurance Institute of Business and Home Safety, the three most common causes of water damages are washing machine failures, overflowing toilets, and usual plumbing issues such as old water lines. The type of water damage differs for each source, and therefore, it is incredibly pertinent to have a basic understanding of each type of water damage. For knowledge is power, and if you have the knowledge about different types of water damages, you will be better equipped to handle these damages more efficiently.

Take a look at the below mentioned 3 different categories of water damages:

Category 1: Clean Water

Clean water category refers to those sources of water that do not pose any form of substantial threat to humans and pets. Clean water is the most uncontaminated form of water, containing little or no harmful bacteria and other contaminants. It is essential to know that even though the water is clean and holds no potential threat, if the water damages are not treated effectively and in time, these damages can change the classification of the loss to category 2 or 3. And in order to avoid this change, it is advisable to get help from professional water damage technicians of Manhattan Beach as quickly as possible.

The most common sources of clean water damages are broken water supply lines, overflowing sinks, leaky faucets, faulty supply lines and falling rainwater.

Category 2: Grey Water

Grey water damages belong to those specific sources of water that contains a degree hazardous contaminants, chemical or biological, and are likely to cause severe discomfort and illness when consumed or even exposed by humans and pets. This particular type of water carries microorganisms and nutrients of microorganisms.

Don’t let grey water stand in a property for longer durations as it can cause severe structural damages to a property along with numerous health issues to its residents.

Sources of grey water damages include sump pump failures and overflowing dishwashers and washing machines.

Category 3: Black Water

Clearly, you don’t want your property to ever face black water damages. It is undeniably the worst form of water damage, which requires immediate action from professional restoration experts. In order to restore a black water damaged property, call water damage professionals in Manhattan Beach today. We have specialized tools and equipments to promptly and efficiently restore a property that is facing black water damages.

Black water is highly contaminated and does contain fecal matter. This particular water may cause serious illness and even death if consumed by humans or pets.

Sources of black water damages include, but not limited to, toilet overflows containing feces, sewer backup and rising flood water from rivers and streams. Black water is not necessarily black in colour, and therefore, it is incredibly important to have professional experts come to the premises for assessment and inspection of the damages.

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